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History Of The Indi-Check


The Indi-Check was developed by Charlie Plymire, founder and CEO of Cincinnati Precision Instruments in 1992. It was developed out of necessity when Mr. Plymire could not find an adequate indicator calibrator to calibrate a wide variety of indicators. The criteria was to have a calibrator that could calibrate accurately to at least a 4:1 to as a great as a 10:1 ratio in master to gage accuracy.

In addition, the calibrator needed to be very versatile to calibrate a wide variety of the indicator styles and brands. Since CPI is a commercial calibration lab, it would receive many different styles of a test indicators, dial and digital indicators and all with varying degrees of mounting requirements.

Finally, the calibrator needed to be fast in its' ability to interchange fixtures so no matter what style indicator CPI needed to calibrate, there would not be much set up time required to make a change for the next calibration.

When Charlie Plymire looked at all the options on the market, he felt none of the current indicator calibrators fit all 3 requirements, so he designed and built the first few Indi-Checks to be used by CPI technicians. As the technicians used the Indi-Check, refinements were made to the unit until the best design in fit and function was complete and the Indi-Check was born.

Within the first couple of years of CPI using the Indi-Check, many customers were asking to purchase the unit. At the time, Mr. Plymire stated it was just for CPI to use. As the requests came in and with many customers seeing how advanced the Indi-Check was in calibrating indicators, Mr. Plymire reacted and CPI began to actively sell the Indi-Check in 1994.

Today, the Indi-Check has been sold throughout the United States and around the world. Some of the largest manufacturers in the world use the calibrator as well as the US military.

The Indi-Check is very unique in that it was designed from a calibration techinician's perspective for calibration technicians to use.

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